3D Animation Services

3D Animation Services

Adding animation to 3D interior and exterior scenes is another great way to enhance the presentation of any design. Virtual cameras are assigned to timelines and rendered frames are saved as the camera moves though the scene.

  • Use existing 3D models to add animated tours of your subject.
  • Resolutions are available from web presentations to HDTV quality.
  • Broadcast-quality post-production editing is available.
  • Music and voiceovers available.

What will I need to make a 3D animation?

When making a 3D animation, walk-through, or fly-over, we ask for a 3D CAD file – or 2D floor plans, elevations and sections of the structure being animated.  A list of finishes is helpful. A site and landscape plan are necessary in order to make the site.

Next, we assemble the wireframe of the scene and make small hidden-line animation segments of each scene. We present these to the client in order to verify that timelines are appropriate for the goals of the animation. Any needed adjustments are made.

When the client approves the segments, we proceed to apply finishes to the wireframe.

Next, any FF&E (furniture, fixtures or equipment) are added to the scene.  Some furniture and equipment manufacturers maintain on-line resources of 3d geometry for their products.  We adapt these for use in your scenes. The 3D Warehouse maintained by Trimble is one such resource.  

Draft segments are presented, revised and retouched until the project is ready for rendering and post-production, (editing, voice-overs and music).

Please see a detailed description of our 3D animation process below.