3D Interior Renderings Gallery

What to know about 3D Interior View Creation.

3D renderings of interior views are highly detailed images of a room. We make these with a range of visual and dimensional information. We pay careful attention to the blending of natural and artificial lighting and finish creation. Because of this, we produce an accurate, photorealistic view of your design.

When making a 3D interior rendering view, we ask for floor plans, elevations and sections of the rooms to be rendered. This includes details for moldings, doors and windows. A list of finishes or link to the product website is helpful along with the installation pattern.

We assemble the wireframe of the scene and take draft snapshots. We present these to the client in order to verify that this view location is right for the goals of the rendering. Any needed adjustments are made.

When the client approves the view, we proceed to apply finishes to the wireframe.

Next, any FF&E (furniture, fixtures or equipment) are added to the scene. Some furniture and equipment companies provide resources of 3D models for their products. We adapt these for use in your scenes. The 3D Warehouse by Trimble is one such resource. We may also suggest some furniture manufacturers that offer their products in 3D formats. Examples of these would be Herman Miller and Knoll furniture.

What kind of files do we need to create photorealistic 3D Interior Views?

We look for the similar forms of dimensional information that we use with our 3D Exterior Renderings. The focus of the content is the interior rooms and molding details.

We use virtually any type of design information available to create custom 3D exterior renderings.  These include:

  • 3D CAD files, DWG format
  • Revit files, DWG export
  • 2D CAD files, DWG format
  • Hand-drawn drafting
  • Photographs
  • Field measurement is available for local areas.

See samples of our custom photorealistic 3D interior rendering views below.